Since year 1994, we have worked with Australian Universities, Public and Independent high schools for recruiting international students every year to Australia for their further studies; we have strongly built a positive relationship with Education of Department in Victoria, Ministry of Economic, and Local councils and as well as also built a strong relationship with Australian Educational Providers in the past 25 years; we have had a proud team members who are professionalism, experienced and friendly.

The Education System in Australia has an impressive international reputation. It is known for its innovative policy developments and effective structure, as well as the high quality of its teaching and research. In fact, many other countries look to Australian when seeking to improve their own education systems. Teachers in Australia are experts in their industry, and provide their students with strong academic skills and valuable networks. Students in Australia are taught to think creatively and independently, skills that can be applied to a variety of areas and fields.

Australia Child Care
Australia Primary School
Australia High School
Australia University
In year 1998
In the very beginning year of 1994

• In year 1998 we were successfully bridging Australian University articulation program with offshore universities. 

In year 1998

• In year 2003, the founders of GUI Group has successfully deliver Australian VET program to Home Sets Furniture Group in China, Taiwan and United States manufactories – developing practicum training programs in furniture design, industry production management and marketing courses and offer the internship programs during the courses and as well as offer a guarantee job opportunities in this particular industry sector. 

In year 2003

• In year 2015, the founders of GUI Group started to work with Australian educators and VIT register teachers to establish OSHC program and Extra Curriculum after school tutoring and practice programs – such as LOTE in Chinese, Arts and Performance, English, EAL, Science, Mathematics and selected school scholarship exam preparation course

In year 2015

• In year 1997 and  implemented the Australian programs such as English ELICOS, Early Childhood programs, VCE, QCE and WACE programs, Foundation course to offshore educational markets. 

In year 1997

• In year 1999, the founder of GUI Group has established one of largest educational RTO - Melbourne International College in Victoria. In the past 25 years, we proudly services and recruited more than 20000 international students for planned to study in Australia.

In year 1999

• Starts from year 2008, we recruited a professional teams from Australia, Canada and United States who are specializing in educational purchasing business developments – such as purchasing existing childcare centres or formal high schools and colleges or purchasing in lands and houses or buildings in Australia, Canada and United States and then modified the properties into childcare centres or private colleges; then monitoring its educational business r resale it into public.

In year 2008

• In year 2018, GUI Group is on-going working with Universities and TAFE for not just implementing the programs and recruiting international students, but more focusing on work with their career department for global  internship programs and deliver a job opportunities channels for graduates

In year 2018